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Advanced Male Strength Program - 12 Weeks of Lifting

Advanced Male Strength Program - 12 Weeks of Lifting

Welcome to the Advanced Male Strength Training Program from Lift by Day


This is a 12 week strength program split into 3 phases.


This program is Peter Day's personal strength building gym program. 




This program is specifically the strength and muscle hypertrophy element of your training. It incorporates your training splits, workout programs, rep ranges and guidelines for a full 12-week program split into 3 main phases - Foundations, Progression & Overload - which is designed to shock your muscles into growth and improved strength.




Through this program, we are aiming for a hybrid of results – increase strength, muscle hypertrophy & improved conditioning. The less conditioning sessions you incorporate, the more your body will focus on improving strength so have a think about what your desired outcomes would be specifically and apply them.


After purcahsing, you will also get to join the Lift by Day FitFam including our private Facebook group as an asset to assist you in your training!