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Equipment Cardio Blasters - 50 Conditioning Workouts

Equipment Cardio Blasters - 50 Conditioning Workouts

Cardio Blaster eBook - 50 Conditioning workouts for all fitness levels.


Want to lose bodyfat, increase your conditioning and improve your cardio?


There are 50 cardio and conditioning workouts in this eBook designed for all fitness levels with scaled options as well. These include HIIT, EMOM, AMRAP and For-Time Workouts, plus some workouts to test your fitness. In the 50 workouts, there is a mix of bodyweight and weighted sessions throughout this eBook.



This program is designed to: Decrease body fat, improve cardiovascular endurance, improve conditioning, maintain muscle mass & help develop your overall fitness levels. 




This eBook is specifically designed for fat loss through cardio and conditioning. These workouts have been tried and tested and will test you no matter what your fitness level.  


These workouts can be done at-home, at the park or anywhere you have space to lay a mat down and train. 


After purcahsing, you will also get to join the Lift by Day FitFam including our private Facebook group as an asset to assist you in your training!


Come & join the FitFam and let's SMASH your goals together!!

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