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Female 8 Week Strength Training Blitz

Female 8 Week Strength Training Blitz

Welcome to the Female 8 Week Strength Training Blitz workout program! 


This is an 8 week program split into 3 phases. You will need access to a standard gym to complete this program and some prior training experience as this has been designed for intermediate-advanced gym-goers (2-3+ years experience).



Snapshot of Program




This program is designed ideally for 6 weight sessions a week.

The first phase has Week A and Week B splits. Complete the full week A, then complete B and repeat once more. Phases 2 and 3 are simply the same workouts 2 weeks back-to-back. The idea here is to try to increase your weight in the second week of these phases.  


On the right hand side of each workout, there are 2 boxes to fill out. One will be your weight/reps. We want you to record how you perform during each exercise to take note as you do each workout twice through the program. When you come around to it the second time, try to increase your reps or weights to progressively overload.


Next to that, there will be a column called “RPE”. This stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion. This is essentially how hard you thought that exercise was, i.e. the intensity that you trained. It’s a personal feeling and we want you to write between 1-10 how challenging that workout was. We want to be workout around the 7-8 rate for the weight ranges generally and also to maintain good technique.




Through this program, we are aiming for increased strength and hypertrophy. The goal is to be able to lift heavier particularly through your main compound lifts, which is what this program focuses on.


Through the 8 weeks, you are required to record your weights each session, as you come back to this with a goal to improve on the last time. What gets measured gets improved and we’re definitely looking for some great progressions through this program!


After purcahsing, you will also get to join the Lift by Day FitFam including our private Facebook group as an asset to assist you in your training!


Come & join the FitFam and let's SMASH your goals together!!


Note: This program is an at-gym strength building program & requires you to have access to a standard gym.

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