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5 Common Mistakes Losing When Trying to Lose Weight 

Losing weight is not easy. 

There is no simple method, format or way to achieve this. 

Plus, there is SO much information out there which can often be misleading at times.

Here are a few really common mistakes to avoid when trying to lose weight!

The Ultimate Salad That Tastes GOOD 

You can't make friends with salad..?

Depends on what salad you make ;) 

This is one of my special recipes for a salad that is good for you, tastes good & actually fills you up!

It's all about have volume dense foods which are in line with your macronutrients. 

Check out my video & I would love to see you try this at home!

How Often Should I Workout?
Avoid Overtraining!

It can be easy to overdo it when you're really keen to get results, and FAST.

We're all busy and we all want to get the most out of our training when we get the chance to.

Over training can be in a single session, or within a training week, and it helps to be educated on the symptoms & what to look out for!

Check out the video and make sure you're training as efficiently as you can.


Happy eating! Be smart & stay healthy.

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