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Functional Bodybuilding - 12 Week Program

Functional Bodybuilding - 12 Week Program

If you have multiple fitness goals to get leaner, put on muscle and improve your overall fitness - this is the complete program for you.


This is taking the best elements of bodybuilding and mixing it with a multi-modality conditioning program to create a simple program which you can follow to get in the best shape of your life. 


This program is not easy. It is designed for results.


The program is structured into 3 phases of 4 weeks, with 6 sessions per week for the best results. 


Each week through there program there are: 

  • 3 x Strength sessions 
  • 3 x Conditioning sessions (Split as 1 x Muscular Endurance, 1 x High Intensity and 1 x Cardio Endurance) 


The strength sessions are primarily focused around compound lifts for the best muscle building results and have progressive overload through the phases to ensure that your body continues to adapt to the stimulus of the program. 


The conditioning components utilise many different formats including EMOM's, AMRAPS, For-time workouts as well as a tonne of our favourite workouts designed to test you out, push your body's aerobic and anaerobic thresholds and enable you to get the best results. 


You do need access to a regular gym for this program - but this is your one-stop if you're looking for results across multiple goals. 


Come and join the FitFam today!

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